Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Add a selling venue to your success!

Check out my store! Do you want another place to sell your crafts? Well this is the place.
I offer you 80% commission on your items sold. Which in reality you get 100% of what you want. You set the amount you want to receive, I up-charge it so you get 100% and I get 20%.
Ex: You want $ 1.00 for and item. I charge $1.25. You get the $1, I get the $.25. Cool for you and me.
What are the advantages of selling your goods on Lilly of LaVallee Crafts over other methods of selling?
· No overhead costs to run your own business
· No risk. Reclaim your items at any time
· Sell as few or as many items as you choose
· Save time and money on creating and maintaining your own website
· Save time and money advertising your items. We'll handle it all.
· No stressing about bids as you do with online auctions
· Items are professionally photographed
· No additional fees for items posted that don't sell
What have you got to loose? Why not give my shop a try?
I am a very patient person and am willing to work with you to reach your needs and expectations. Please contact me with ANY questions. There are no questions too big or small.
Have your item featured on Lilly of LaVallee Crafts home page. This is March's item.

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