Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Purse Giveaway!!

Who couldn't use an extra purse? This giveaway is for a handmade (of course) purse. The winner can choose from three color combos: Black and white, brown and powder blue, or purples and beige w/ a little bit of green. I do not have a picture because I will make it once the winner has chosen the colors.
Okay so here are the rules:
1) You must be a follower of this blog: 1 point
2) You must be a fan of my facebook page :
1 point
3) You must go to my website and choose what your favorite product is at post your choice as a comment in this blog or on my fan page. 2 points

Optional ways to enter:
1) Make a purchase in my store : 5 points
2) Suggest this giveaway to your friends and tell them to mention your name in there comment or post: 1 point per friend who enters.

Have fun and don't forget if you make your purchase in the month of March you get a free gift!
This contest ends on Friday April 2nd so don't delay!!


Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hello Lilly, thanks for the givaway - I've left you a comment on Facebook - I'm already a fan of your Facebook page and this Blog!! Yay!!

Have a lovely day, Jane x

PlumValleyDesigns said...

I am following your blog now!

PlumValleyDesigns said...

I am a fan on facebook too!

PlumValleyDesigns said...

I love the greeting cards, especially the wedding cake! I also like the gift baskets :)

mailbxsfull said...

I am a follower on your FB page and now on here. This is the first blog I am following, just could never figure them out. Color me computer duh! I LOVE your clay colored wood frame and also your lap blanket made on the butterfly loom.

Heidi said...

I'm in. Does my last product vote count? I have other favorites in the blankets. :D

Lilly said...

Yes! Heidi it does! Thanks!

Rowena said...

Hi there - I am now signed up to follow your blog, I am already a fan on facebook (Cherrypik Jewels) and I love the southwest turquoise necklace on your website. Thank you so much for this fun opportunity to win :) x

BabyChic said...

Thank you for the chance to enter this giveaway.I like thie clay tins,but the Purple Heart Tin is the cutest!Looks like snow mountains

Terrie Hall said...

I have been a Facebook fan for some time! i am following you now. My favorite item on your website is the lap afghan!

feathermaye said...

What a cool giveaway!!

I follow your blog and am your fan on Facebook.

I just love your Swarovski peach necklace.

Would love it if you followed my blog ( and became a fan of our page, too (!/pages/StudioFM/310637334480?ref=ts )

gramsx5 said...

I love the Lap Blanket.

gramsx5 said...
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Tina said...

Just became your fan! Will hop over to blogger and follow you as well from my blog. Great giveaway! Thanks for fanning me on FB as well!
T and J Creations

giabowtique said...

Hey!! Im a fan on facebook, I now follow this blog and i LOVE the Turquise Heishe Bracelet!!!!